So, when you are not breaking fixing computers, what do you like to do?

When I am not playing with my daughters, or doing things around the house, I enjoy PC gaming (Kerbal Space Program, Subnautica, Minecraft, etc), and watching movies with my wife. I also enjoy a good book (dead-tree or audio), science-fiction or fantasy being my preferred genres. (Brandon Sanderson is my current favorite author.) Occasionally I get to play some board games, of which I can recommend Small World or Ticket to Ride.

What interests do you have beyond computers?

Recently, I have spent a lot of time teaching myself electronics, sort of as a complement to software skills. It is fun watching code do something in the real world. I have an Arduino Uno clone, and a pretty wide assortment of parts to play with. The only issue is that between work and family time, there is little left over for personal projects.

On the more obscure side of things, I also have a lasting interest in knots and rope related arts (this stems from my time as a Boy Scout). I am also interested in the bastion style of fortifications; look up Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban if you want to read about the guy who was so good at it, his designs were used for almost a century.