Why did you build this website?

Quill and Gear is a site created to fulfill a college course requirement: Have a personal “brand” page.

What is it for?

It’s future is uncertain, and the basic purpose will probably be to serve as a repository for me to share a bit about myself, and the things I am interested in.

Why the name “Quill and Gear”?

It comes from the logo I use as an online avatar picture, of a quill pen surmounting (in front of) a gear. (Check the footer or the header image on the front page.) It symbolizes Knowledge (the pen) and Practical Application of Knowledge (the gear). To be successful in life, you will need both.

What in the world does “Simmer Descented at Doctors” Mean?

Semper Discentes, et Doctrina is Latin. It means “Always Learning, and Teaching”. It is my general philosophy towards life; never stop learning new things, and pass them on when possible. I find that the best way to find out how well you know a topic is to try teaching it to someone else. The desire to learn new things is part of what keeps me going in life. Watching someone understand something new is its own reward.